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Progressive land surveying firm that leverages modern technologies providing cost effective surveying and mapping services.

Northam has a large array of state of the art equipment and can both recommend and provide clients with the ideal tool for any survey project, land air or sea. Northam services are scalable and we are capable of handling both large and small scale jobs. Our staff has extensive experience and a diverse educational background in Surveying, Geology, Geography, Mathematics and GIS with related specialties. Whether you need to locate a fence in your backyard or need a hydrographic survey or an array of services for a large construction project, Northam’s services will prove to be both timely and effective. Our president, Eric Salovitch, has even won a 40 under 40 award from the New Hampshire Union Leader for his commitment to quality and willingness to give back to the community.

Eric from Northam was so responsive when I needed a quick turn around on a survey I didn't even know I needed. He walked me through the process and answer all my dumb questions. Highly recommend Northam!

- Brian S.

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    State-Of-The-Art Technology, On Time Solutions

    Because You Want Cost Effective Project Completion With State-Of-The-Art Technologies And Procedures — On Time Solutions.

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    Save Time And Money

    North Survey helps you identify and isolate land related issues in order to solve them in a timely manor. Savings time and money, maintaining neighborly relations, out of court.

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    Quick Solutions for all budets.

    Providing the solutions that you need - on time and on budget.

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