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What is an Existing Conditions Survey?

Existing conditions surveys are used for the design of a site plan for a proposed new development or a redesign of an existing development. They include all of the elements of topographic surveys and full boundary surveys to ensure proper site design. A list of structures and improvements to the property would also be included in the report.

Why Would I Need an Existing Conditions Survey?

Performing an existing conditions survey allows an architect or engineer to move forward with construction of a new property or redesign of an existing property. Typically, someone working with or for a civil engineering firm would request this survey. However, anyone that requires a survey for a proposed new development, no matter how big or small, would need an existing conditions survey.

At Northam Survey, we have provided existing conditions surveys to homeowners who have needed something as small as a renovation, all the way up to architects with proposed multiple-story business buildings.

Land surveying equipment used by Northam Survey.

What Information Would I Get From an Existing Conditions Survey?

The information provided from an existing conditions survey is crucial for advancing with construction, and will save time and money. At Northam Survey, we provide you with:

1.  Research from historical deeds

2. Boundary lines and found boundary monuments

3. Existing site features, such as driveways, structures, decks, etc.

4. Topographic features to depict contours to assist with proposed site grading or stormwater management plans

"Northam has provided survey services for many of our projects in New Hampshire and Maine. Plans are clean and concise and communication with their team is always timely and professional. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Northam for years to come."

- Altus Engineering

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The Northam Survey Difference

At Northam Survey, we strive for greatness. We’re constantly updating our equipment so we can provide our clients in New Hampshire and Maine with the most accurate and detailed information possible. Our commitment to being a modern land surveying company is unparalleled. We make sure that our clients in New Hampshire and Maine are provided with timely deliverables because we understand how important it is to get your project done as quickly as possible.


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