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What is a Subdivision Survey?

A subdivision survey is dividing a parcel of land into smaller parcels. This could be as simple as splitting a parcel in half, or as complex as dividing it into hundreds of parcels, all of different sizes. A surveyor would complete this by researching existing documents and performing a boundary survey of the land to determine how to split property while complying with zoning requirements, existing monuments, and more.

Why Would I Need a Subdivision Survey?

There are many developmental reasons for wanting a subdivision survey. One of the most common scenarios we encounter is that a landowner wants to sell a portion of their land, without selling the entire property. To get this sale approved, they would need to split the property using a state-licensed subdivision survey company.


Northam Survey is a state-licensed surveying company that has years of experience performing subdivision surveys. Our team of engineers performs incredibly precise work to make sure that all information is 100% accurate.

Land surveying equipment used by Northam Survey.

What Information Would I Get From a Subdivision Survey?

1. Precise land division based on many of factors, including regulations from local, state, and national government

2. Dimensions and layout of existing and proposed boundary monuments. Existing and proposed parcels will be shown with listed frontage and area.

3. Topographic features of the property

"Northam has provided survey services for many of our projects in New Hampshire and Maine. Plans are clean and concise and communication with their team is always timely and professional. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Northam for years to come."

- Altus Engineering

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The Northam Survey Difference

At Northam Survey, we strive for greatness. We’re constantly updating our equipment so we can provide our clients in New Hampshire and Maine with the most accurate and detailed information possible. Our commitment to being a modern land surveying company is unparalleled. We make sure that our clients in New Hampshire and Maine are provided with timely deliverables because we understand how important it is to get your project done as quickly as possible.


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